Sound Source of Rochester, NY • (585) 271-5370
Sound Source of Rochester, NY • (585) 271-5370

Sound Source Customer Testimonials

"The best resource in Rochester for musicians" -Google Reviews

"Real customer service, real musicians. No BS. No matter who you are" -Google Reviews

"I have been going to the Sound Source for all my equipment needs for years. I have purchased many things and recently just rented a few things for a special event. They carry top of the line products and are very knowledgeable and accommodating. I highly recommend them to any musician professional or amateur" -musiclover-26

"This place is phenomenal. I went in to Sound Source today because I had a technical problem with a guitar that I needed to play at a wedding in the afternoon. The staff was incredibly accommodating, despite being clearly busy, and helped me on short notice. This was representative of the service I have always received at Sound Source. They are friendly, capable, and professional. Definitely my first stop for any music need" -Aaron W.

"This is my favorite music shop. The staff are all very knowledgeable and super friendly. It is not uncommon to go in there and be offered Ice cream. It really feels like a local community business...Fantastic used selection. go there. right now." -Google Reviews

"The owners (Rob Storms and John Castronova) are fellow musicians and they strive to provide a wide variety of top of the line equipment at competitive prices. Their store is packed with merchandise and new arrivals are always coming in. The inventory includes guitars, drums, amps, keyboards, microphones, stage lights, mixers, turntables, wires and other accessories. Also, they offer an instore repair service, so the brokenhearted owners can have their tools and toys back quicker. The service department is authorized to work on most of the major brands and other music stores give them referrals. For those who are still studying the art, private lessons are available at the Rochester Academy of Music & Arts" -Metromix Rochester


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