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Fernandes FST-60J Stone Logo

A very cool and collectible Fernandes from the prime era - dating to 1980 with correct headstock and sought-after stone logo. This one has tons of mojo, and is a great player! 

It feels very much like a 60's Fender, with skunk stripe-less neck and rosewood board. The pickguard is not original, however the pickups are; all reading in the high 5k-6k range. The mini switches have been removed, a 5 way selector has been added as well as a second tone control, and in this configuration looks right for a 60's strat. The bridge and tuners are original and correct, as well as the jack plate. 

It comes to us in good playing condition; albeit showing some cosmetic wear to include dings, scuffs and scratches, particularly along the edge of the lower bout, but there are dings present throughout. It certianly looks like a well loved and staged used guitar, and in my opinion this adds to it's charm. There are finish cracks present at the neck pocket, however these are cosmetic only and are quite common on bolt-on neck style guitars. The frets are in nice shape considering it's age, and there are no divets. It is setup well currently for blues and classic rock, and is all set to find a new home!