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1960’s Ampeg Gemini I G12

Fantastic, 1960's tube amp made by one of our favorite amp companies, Ampeg. Ampeg has always been a sleeper brand but it seems like now with this big vintage boom, they are finally getting their time to shine. This amp has such a classic tone with that famously sought after built-in Tremolo and Echo. These amps were geared toward accordian players and guitar players alike, but come on, do we really want to hear accordian through this? We want to rip a 60's strat through this thing! But listen, we don't judge, you can put an accordian through this if you're into that, you do you. 

Comes with footswitch.

This amp is 60 years old so yeah, it has some dings and some signs of wear, check the photos for that and get ready to rock out at ur next gig with this amazing tube amp!