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Blackstar AMPED1

Are you tired of lugging your 60lb 100 watt amp head to your gigs? do you want to pack your entire rig onto a pedalboard? The AMPED 1 from Blackstar packs a truly amazing amount of functionality into a pedalboard sized package! the AMPED1 packs a 100 Watt class D amplifier into a 2lb stompbox, but it's more than just that. The amped 1 features selectable tube emulation, allowing you to choose if you want an EL-34, 6L6, EL-84, 6V6 or KT88 feel. It has built in reverb, and 3 selectable voicings. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. It has a cab emulated balanced output, a headphone output, and effects loop. THERE'S STILL MORE? Yes! It even has USB connectiveity so you can program presets for the cab output, midi in, and two 500ma DC power supplies to power your pedals. This is literally a whole guitar rig in a box.