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Marshall JVM410H- EG

The JVM 410H is the flagship high gain head from Marshall, boasting 4 channels and 100 watts of pure tube power! These are a must try for any amp aficionado! 


Four channels, each featuring three gain modes, means that the JVM is equally adept at playing cleans, metal, or anything in between. For the classic clean channel the pre-gain stack emulates vintage amplifiers.

Alternatively, you can get that Marshall hard rock sound at the top end of the crunch channel. If you want to get a heavier sound then OD1 is perfect for you, whilst in OD2, every mode is turned into high gain allowing your lead metal tones to shine through. Add three-way EQ into each channel and use the presence and resonance controls to expertly shape the tone from the power amp.


JVM amps allow you to connect a range of effects pedals and external gear either direct or into either of the two effects loops. The first loop is adjustable to let you mix your pedals with the original amp tone.

JVM amps can also receive and repeat MIDI commands, fitting in with whatever setup you prefer and giving you total control.


Record the perfect song anywhere. Turning on the JVM's silent recording mode you can effortlessly connect to an audio interface or mixing desk to capture that perfect take.