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Univox Les Paul "Gimme" w/HSC

A very cool vintage LP style guitar at a good price! This MIJ Univox captures the essence of the 70s - this one is a higher end model as well, with the unique semi-covered pickups, full double body and neck binding, Van Ghent style tuners, and gold hardware. You'd be hard pressed to find a guitar with a higher dollar to mojo ratio!

The neck is on the slim side, and the guitar plays well with nice low string height. The pickups are the same type used famously by Kurt Cobain- and have a unique vibe, and are well suited to rock, grunge, and psychedelic blues. The top shows some cool flaming, and overall this is a very attractive one to look at. 

It comes to us in good overall shape, with some buckle rash/dings on the back, a bit of missing binding on the headstock, and other miscelaneous dings/scratches associated with 50+ years of general play. It plays as it should, has no functional issues, and is all set to join your band!

Includes hard shell case.