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Roland Space Echo RE-150

A very special unit just in! This is the real deal dating to 1980, and it has all of the analog warmth and authentic warble that you're looking for. The quintessential studio piece! The flutter is just right, and if you've never listened to an actual Roland unit like this, has the missing element that digital modelers just can't seem to replicate - close as they may be. Part of the famous Space Echo family, the RE-150 is the simplified brother to the RE-201 and RE-301 - with straightforward controls for repeat/single delay (6 modes total), as well as an easy to dial-in speed control that provides some very cool sonic modulation paired with feedback induced self-oscillation. The result is some excellent "dub" sounds that would be perfect through any effects loop, and dialed back "slapback" almost reverb-esq effects can easily be achieved as well. This is simply a great sounding unit, and a must-have for any studio!

It comes to us in good functional condition, and has been tested in our shop. It shows some signs of use cosmetically, including some snags in the tolex covering, various scuffs/scratches, etc; however overall looks pretty nice overall considering it approaching 45 years old. The tape does appear to have been spliced at some point, but presents no issues in sound or operation. 

Will be shipped insured.