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Behringer Autocom Pro XL MDX1600

BRAND NEW Behringer Autocom Pro XL! We're clearing out our warehouse and this is your lucky day because this has never been opened, still sealed in the box, and we've brought the price down on it. Grab it brand new today! 



The reference-class MDX1600 is a marvelous dual-channel Expander/ Gate/Compressor/Peak Limiter that is ideal for: compressing mono or stereo signals, without loss of high frequencies; increasing vocal presence and energy; and limiting, or smoothing out extremely-high signal peaks. Additionally, the MDX1600 features an integrated Dynamic Enhancer, De-Esser, and Low-Contour filter to provide the ultimate in signal enrichment. Put simply, the MDX1600 can do amazing things for your vocals or instruments – providing virtually everything you need for studio-quality dynamics processing!